Monday, March 17, 2008

the bobsled glacier

i like the header pic.
sweet, shes hot.

if you're thinking of going riding this week up dry creek over to city creek dont try it unless you want long hiking sections with deep snow, frozen packed snow and messy sloppy muddy trails.

if you dont care about that then go rip it, after the top of bobsled glacier, 3 feet thick still. its a ripper.

probably wont be dry for 2 weeks, or april 5th. if it stops raining and snowing.


KDAY said...

I rode the shoreline from work to the zoo and back.. trails were good. Didn't even think about dry creek. silly this time of year. just silly

Gary said...

Thanks for the mention sly.

Its a work in progres hopefuly it will be fun to read.

I have to say I am amazed you have been able to eat junk food so soon after your efforts clensing. You truly must be made of Iron or something thougher.