Thursday, March 13, 2008

go wash your ass out

tomorrow i will be done fasting and i will go get a burrito.

for some of you that think the last posts of me not eating for 22 days is a joke you dont really know whats going on.

i rode yesterday and i felt great, food has its pos and negs.

one side it gives you energy,

the other is it can bog you down, make you heavy and feel lethargic.

i did this quest about 2 years ago and it was way harder, this time it was much easier. probably because i knew what to expect and i learned a few tricks along the way.

experience is the way of the wise man.

dont be fooled by TV cameras and colonoscopies showing inside body footage of clean colons!!

this is so impractical it makes me want to crack skulls.

your intestines are over 25 feet long!!! how can a cable and camera 4feet long show anything?!?!?!?!


if you feel sick, tired, lethargic, have chronic fatigue, disease, diabetes, cancer etc. you probably have layers of old food inside of you making you sick, no drugs or surgery is going to fix that.


dont believe the lies, donate money for cancer research and waste it to the CEO's of companies trying to HIDE THE CURE.

its available to whoever you need to believe it, take care of yourself and clean you body of layers of bad food and toxic waste.

then magically the diseases GO AWAY

so go wash your ass out and you might feel as good as me

i have to be blunt and some might think im offensive but wake up and go take care of yourself or your going to die in utah

read info, dont listen to doctors they are stupid in ways of health and natural healing.


if your stupid doctor gives you antibiotics for any and everything then you probably feel like shit.

he doesnt tell you to replace all the flora you just killed with ANTIBIOTICS!!!!!!!!!

what the hell is this about??? if you want to see me get pissed off about health care then this is a good place to start.

you kill all your good bugs and the idiots dont tell you how to fix it, so they give you more drugs that dont work and you wonder why everyone is so screwed up?!??!?!?!

go to wild oats and get probiotics and you will feel normal again.

stop taking anti biotics and KILL THE CANDIDA IN YOUR GUT, you might feel like doing something productive.


go fix your life and do go to the doctor for HEALTH PURPOSES

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bradkeyes said...

Bro, you're nuts. Your colon sloughs off its entire lining and is regenerated every single day. Its physically impossible for toxins to build up in your colon. It's a medical fact. Course, if you enjoy the sensation of flushing out your colon that's another story.