Friday, March 14, 2008

dont forget the shorts

im going to moab, i wonder if its raining....

its not raining in moab, its quite nice. considering slc is crap. funny thing is chippo has been threatning to "wax my ass" for a few weeks.
since i've been to an alternate training camp, his head has gotten pretty big and he keeps saying how hes going to drop me, so he called me about 9 times today. "im on sovereign"

"im at mcstiffs with herbold"

"my watts are kickin your ass"

"tomorrow youre goin down"

texts, calls, endless rambling from the bald old guy, so the funny thing is i told him i left town and went to fruita. then i went out to the van, im at the bighorn lodge and i saw his van parked a few down from mine. hes upstairs, so i text him, "someone is breaking into your sprinter at the big horn"

he comes flying out of the room, funniest thing i saw all day.

now i guess i will have to go wax his ass on poison spider tomorrow, then porcupine.
see if he can keep up, i had girl scout cookies, ice cream and burritos today. i should have a lot of energy.


chipotle: another barbacoa, qdoba copy. its good, a burrito bowl hasnt grazed my tongue in 7 weeks.

thats a long time ago, no mexican down under, and then... well you get the picture.

chipotle at 1400e 7000s. sent a free burrito ticket in the mail, so i had to cash it in. it was like winning the lottery, or getting out of jail.

the past month has been hard, but we persevere.

its all downhill now, time to rip.

a few years ago snake told me, if you train on the road bike all winter doing 20-30 hr weeks and do 5 hr road races all the time, when you line up for a 2.5 hr mtn bike race it seems like a short track.


after not eating for awhile and doing nothing but walking.

riding 3 hrs a day and skipping lunches seems like the same, you just did 3 weeks of base, 40 hr weeks of base, in theory. now you got it easy, riding and eating daily?

seems like a cake walk.

thats why its all downhill, and you know how i roll that.

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