Saturday, March 08, 2008

17 day fast

she likes to eat in front of me

i made it 17 days, whats 10 more? or 14 more. some hours suck, others seem like i ate an hour ago, dont know why, but its easy then super hard. like a bike race. thats hard to grasp, but thats how i roll.

i brought a lot of junk to sell at the swap today and the crowds came quick and fast. for 2 hours straight it was action. i donated a bunch of junk to the collective and sold some other goods. made some mad jack and cleared out my apartment.

next one is in tucson april 20th, should be 110 degrees down there by then.
i want the snow to melt, im going to ride the mtb next sunday after 24 days of no food and see how that goes, i should be able to climb like a beagle.

dh was at the swap this morning, then he left for rmr and then came back to the swap.
that was a weird story.
the story went like this, alex rock took out team rico, that sucks. at least when you crash in a mtn bike race its your own fault,... usually.

i still have over 200 items of clothing so if you want good deals email me and come get it.

the next 3 months look to be busy

march 15th moab

march 23 st jorj

march 30 porto reeeeko

april 7 more beeeaachy

april 12 hurrikane

april 20 tucson

april 27 san fran

may 2nd young riders swap

may 3 seven mile

may 10 logan

may 17 heber

may 25 draper

june 3 sundance
june 10 park city

i think you get the picture

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B-Horn said...

the dude on the left with the blood looks like he fasted for 30 days...