Tuesday, March 18, 2008

salmon and NBA

a few weeks ago when we went to seattle i scored a whole fat ass salmon, some lobster and scallops at the pike street market, well i waited and waited and tonight i get to chow on some sea food.

im on a sea food diet, what ever i see i eat.

also the main event on TNT tonight is jasons brother craig sager with the #1 in the NBA houston in the west and #1 in the east ray allen and the big ticket KG, should be barn burner, houston is on a 22 game win streak, 2nd longest in NBA history.

atrain will probably be watching it

up over by the zoo the trails are shaping up nice, upper roller coaster, red butt, lower bob sled, bst all fast and tacky.

i spotted linde T, dave w, gary and kday racing. in their sweet sky blue kits.

you know its time to ride when scott kuhl team is puttin in the hrs.

linde thinks his scott spark is light at "20.8 pounds"

it doesnt compare to the scalpel SL so dont even try.

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