Monday, March 24, 2008

in a month i should be world champ

rippin the dirt again with no sleeves, warmest day yet. i heard some guys named kday and big mule were rippin at 5pm but i was on the road rollin 60psi with a fierce tail wind down 7th east.

by the time i got back up around emi it was 530 and i was goin solo, then in the distance i spotted the blue train with alex g and dave welsh in tow. it was big mule pullin the pack so i bridged, while in the pain cave rollin 125 watts up dry creek we passed mark and krispy goin down but i couldnt talk so i kept climbin. i was dizzy from the 2 hrs of shred and didnt even take a pic. dang that makes for lame blogging.

70* tomorrow, i think i'll ride more mud and pack out the trail.

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