Saturday, March 15, 2008

porc detour

we rode up sand flats road which is packed like pavement, at the porc turn off keep going on the dirt road. it goes to colorado, i think i went to far. then jumped a fence and was riding through the junipers looking for the right trail, then i came to a cliff and the trail was at the bottom, it was north facing and had 3 foot snow banks, i hiked down and chippo was on the right trail watching me flail, post hole my way off a cliff. then the seat broke, its kind of old so it might have been cracked. ripped down porc rim to the road and back to town. too bad chippos helmet cam didnt work, we could see me launchin the dh passin him and makin it look easy.

i bonked at about an hour, go figure. 40 miles, 4 hrs, need sleepy.

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Indohran said...

The Helmet cam did work. Yaaaaa. Check it out.