Saturday, March 29, 2008

we finally made it to the beach

jump in.

rincon, west coast atlantic/carib. sea.
its pretty hot here.

this place is far away,start it off with a 2 hr delay in slc, 3 hr flight to texas with 4 hr delay there.

get to miami at 1am, leave at 7am. 3 hr flight to a remote beach island, 3 hr delay trying to get lost rental car, 3 hr drive in traffic to warm sandy beaches.... hmm, a lot farther than i thought.

1000 miles in the ocean from miami. 4000 miles from san diego, 11000 miles from sydney. thats pretty far.

that was the longest 24 hrs in my life. doesnt sound bad but it was the worst ever. i got jacked so many times, waiting, laying on floors, driving 3 hrs only getting 70 miles in grid lock. wow it was crazy. but we finally made it to the beach and its pretty hot. were staying about 200 feet from the beach, i hope a big ass wave doesnt come in the night.
i saw this native roadie guy riding down the side of the road, the last few weeks i shipped a few items down here they bought off me from the internet.
since this is usa territory the shipping here is the same as ogden or provo. $1.65 costs to send a pair of gloves here, thats stupid but good. this guy i saw was the one who ordered the gloves. maybe, had the same ones i sold. long shot, but maybe.
one random thought.
when i get bike stuff in a city, i remember where it comes from, then i sell it again. weird thing is the people that buy a few of those items live in the city where i just got it. it has happened way too many times not to be coincidence, but energy i focus on, or energy of the item. why would the people from the city i bought it from buy it back from me, having me re-ship it to where it was originally?
it happens all the time and its boggling.
it has happend in seattle, madison, denver, san fran, tucson. those people should have just went to the bike swap and they would have scored sweet deals.
i wonder if todd will win tomorrow like boom boom kabush in fontucky


Forrest said...

Rincon is suppose to have good barrels, is it breaking? you getting on a board?

UtRider said...

Do you know how to swim? :)