Friday, October 03, 2008

beat a dead beat horse

mike wolf found this on 4th east 17th south

while the masses are entertained by dog and pony shows, watching presidential debates, vice debates, here say, i'll do this and that elect me bullshit, paris and britney, the bush administration is up to real issues. but you wont see this on tv, its secret and they wont tell you want youre not supposed to hear.

so we'll scare the shit out of you with doomsday topics, like wmd's and market collapse scenarios.

give us our 900 trillion before we have to leave in 3 months or the world will end.

who believes this crap, sorry to say most of you do.

the poll on the side here, is to say of course hes not a doper now, but then.

you dont win 7 tours in a row drug free, i dont care if you are superman.

and all your rivals got caught. so that means they were doped and you were not, so they even couldnt beat you while they were??
holy shit this is so beating a dead beat horse, hes a fraud and a doper and all of you that dont believe it well i have a ski resort in miami to sell you.

lance should be glad he got away with it and ride off into the sunset never to race again. but no, he wants more, hes a gambler and wants more, more more more.

top picks tomorrow, that course has tons of goat heads so whoever doesnt flat the most will win.

its twisty too so peterstak in my mind is out

bring 5 wheelsets with stans.

1 bart
2 ali
3 team rico.

i am god so what i say goes.
for those of you that voted on this poll, what the hell are you thinking?
who out of town can beat the guys i listed? nobody, who sam krieg? he can steer about as good as krispy, and none of the above?
who then?
chippo? jon g? atrain? linde?
at least nobody picked free sager. that was a trick answer.


Nerd On A Bike said...

The only thing wrong with your post was that you didn't mention how great Palin's up-do haircut looked last night.
Other than that, I think you're on to something.

Andy H. said...

1- Bart
2- mitch
3- Rico

On a MTB'er course in MTB'er conditions I like Bart, Mitch and Rico's saddle time in races this year to trump Ali's watts. Of course I'm talking outta my ass and don't know squat but it's fun to sound smart.

Team Rico said...

I am honored to be in the top 3, but I am still taking all your money

Forrest said...

Rico is the true darkhorse, I have a feeling he more motivation than anyone, that goes a long way in a short race.