Saturday, October 11, 2008

trexlertown pa

in the country lays a famous velo-drome. seems the bush fear mongering of market collapse and credit shortage is nothing (not surprised) but lies as people gathered in droves to swap, sell and buy.
maybe its the weather, or probly not. swapping is at the all time high in east PA.

home of marty nothstein and erin hartwell, we hooked up some sweet ass deals in the farm land today. it was a fruitful day. now im tired, up at 3am mst. 1.5 hrs east of the big city is a small country town loaded with bike tards and tons of bike crap. if i wasnt limited by transport and money, i could spend 20 grand. easy.

a few deals of the day
30 pairs of sidi genius 5's for $60 each (new)
speedplay x1 titanium pedals $10 (used)
speedplay titanium frogs $20 (new)
20 dura ace 10 speed cogsets $10 each (used)
2 bobby julich used skin suits $40 with signed bobby poster
well of course i got way more than that, i just dont want to list it all.
that didnt take long to blow through my wad, the drive back was nice. then i hit the hay.

dale was at the patagonia outlet in newark yesterday and bought $180,000 retail worth of clothing for $20,000.
seems someone needs to liquidate.

i wonder who won in heber

and to watch team mona vie rip it up in heber with 2 new team mates
for live updates all night

bart g and alex g throwin it down in the wind storm, or causing it.

im west bound a.m.

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flahute said...

Chris P. pulls away from Ali G. on the last lap to take the men's A race. Mitchell P. in 3rd or 4th, can't remember which.

Dayna D. soloes away from Kris Walker and Tiffany P. to win the women's A race, while Jennie W. throws down a kickass sprint to take 4th from Chantel Thackery.