Saturday, October 04, 2008

rain mud and cowbell, the dark horse pulls through for mona vie

my top 3 got blown out of the water with the rain, mud and thorns. ali g broke his bike on lap 2, bart flatted his tires and legs, peterstak was hangin tough with 2 to go and mitchel blew his doors off on the dh. wow that was something i thought i would never say...

anyhow if you get dropped by mitch on the dh then you need some serious work on the off camber muddy turns.

no offense mitch, you dropped the hammer.

check out the poll, only 2 people picked the dark horse for the win. its a crap shoot and its not a science. but i am surprised at krispy's mud riding skills.

top 6 today in the mud bowl horse station draper utah cx #1
1 mitchel
2 peterstaks
3 reed w.
4 team rico
5 alex g
6 bart

i didnt get any pics, i was too busy pumping tecno and handing out money.

too bad i wont be here next week, were off for an east coast swing to get my scalpel back.
see ya in 2 weeks, with more tecno and more cash.

utah cx home page, results, sked and old out dated pics


Brock said...

YEEEEEAHHH!!!! That was fun Sly! Thanks for the sweet tunes!

Mother Theresa said...

sly, pics of you and racers on

Forrest said...

Take it easy about the pics comment, new ones will be on the website shortly.

sciceo said...

Good stuff Sly, even the noon racers!!! Should I have to pay a 10 times fine for dropping that single at the top of the run up, just a little help to keep it going? The fans got into it! NICE!

tiffp said...

wait, I thought someone was ringing a cowbell in my face? was it cash? were you there for the women's race? no, i think you were just there for the boyz. or maybe i need glasses. and a clue.
nice photos and comments though.

EthanBazGoulet said...

my dad was pretty sad to toast his new '09 easton EA90 SLX wheel.. and his feelings, not to mention his back when out in the opening sprint otherwise he would've had it in the bag... congrats to Mitch

Team Rico said...

I think the race is in Heber next week Sly. You will be missed :(