Thursday, October 09, 2008

its all good in the hood

we got to the big city on a new 767 with tv's in the back of each head rest, non stop slc to nyc in under 4 hrs.
thats pretty sweet considering is took 3 months with a horse and wagon back in the 1800's. non stops are the way to go.
once off the air train at jfk we got the fly rental car and hit the belt way to staten island, traffic wasnt bad and the skies are clear with a 70 degree breeze blowing over the verrazano bridge is the gate way to the nyc harbor.

tomorrow i have high level meetings with trump, and maybe we will meet up with bike snob and get on cash cab

but the best part of the day was givin a shout out to a black lady like this at the hotel lobby with a "its all good in the hood" t shirt.

she was workin it and i had to say something.

sunny and 70's for the weekend.
i have to say i wont be missing the rain and snow in heber sunday.

good luck to dr x, hes gettin a few votes for the W.
more than chris p.

nobody has faith in the porc, team rico going for the win in the 30 degree mud fest.

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