Wednesday, October 29, 2008

using your power for good

What would Samantha from Bewitched look like if she hesitated every time she was about to twinkle her nose?

That's sort of how I'm feeling these days ever since blogging about the (non) distinction between witches and deliberate creators. It led to a fascinating conversation that has me wondering about how our creative power is best used.

Like this afternoon while I was chatting with fabulous fellow coach, Eve Sheldon, I saw my kitty Elsa stalking sparrows and sauntered over to shoo birds to safety. Elsa's displeasure was clear. Five minutes later she had one clenched in her mouth anyway. (Sorry for the swear words, Eve!)

Giving Elsa the evil eye afterwards, I realized, who am I to say birds shouldn't be caught? Is that interfering with the natural order?

Or what about the "unnatural" order? Like when my coworker's grandson was diagnosed with leukemia and everyone joined together to pray for his healing? If it's true that, as suggested by various sources, we each choose our timing and method of exit (on a higher spiritual plane) then should we intend for someone's alternate outcome? Is that, as Byron Katie might say, sticking our nose where it doesn't belong?

Or when Russ is growing irritated that we sleep in separate bedrooms, is it appropriate that I intend he relax and get okay with sleeping alone the rest of his life? Or would it be better to let him be irritated, break up and move on with someone who can sleep next to his side? Or should I intend I get over it?

Or right now - when the garbage truck is pulling up and I check a slight worry that he won't pick up our garbage because it's got window well covers sticking up four feet from the top (?!) - is it appropriate to manifest he takes it even if it might not be best to?

(Maybe all those years of appreciating my garbage man paid off, because he took it.)

And yet - we're creators! That's what we came here for, isn't it?

Or is it?

What about you? Have you ever intended that someone in particular fall head over heels in love with you, or wished your competition for a new job screw up in their interview? Or secretly hoped something bad would happen to the crackhead neighbor living next door? (Oh, that was all me again.)

I guess it becomes a matter of finding our personal comfort level between accepting reality and managing / creating it. Maybe as long as we act with awareness and in alignment with our personal integrity, we're good to go. And maybe I'm making a bigger deal about this than is helpful. (That feels rather true, but I've spent all afternoon on this issue so it's going!)

As far as I can tell, I've got some cleaning up to do. In the meantime, for all the squirrels and birds and deer at risk, I'll follow the lead several blog readers shared and simply intend for "the highest good," release attachment to whatever that looks like, and make peace with squished squirrels and caught birds.

I'm hardly in a position to give advice on this, but I would at least suggest we each get conscious to the creations we're already adding energy to. Lots of us don't realize what we're helping to create (whether it's arguing about politics or gossiping about our sister-in-law - oh gosh, is that me AGAIN?!) - and that certainly isn't what using our power for good looks like, is it?

PS - I may be a big talker, since I just chased the neighbor's cat away from an unsuspecting dove in the front yard. (Sigh.)
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