Saturday, October 25, 2008

buy low sell high

the line to get in is like 10 blocks long, but i dont wait in lines.

i get in the day before, buy it all, then get in at 6am, 3 hrs before the masses.
by the time these guys are in, im done and have scored all the sweet deals.

this girl thinks its fun to sit in a car for 2 days then walk around carrying loads of dirty cog sets.

look how happy she is, all i did was buy her a cheese burger with fries

if you dont know what this is then youre not really a biker

i got some of these for sager

yesterday we drove to denver, its 6.5 hrs slc to dtown over I80, 8 hrs by I70, i like to drive loops so we'll go back through vail tomorrow.

this is about the 9th time i've been to velo swap and its always the biggest swap of the year.
compared to the others, tucson is twice a year in 2 weeks and in april, trexlertown in may and october, seattle in feb, madison in january and a few in the bay area in april, may and june this is the biggest, there are a few small time ones here and there but they are not worth driving to.
i spent a load on sweet deals today, and have to shake my head at the high prices people want for garbage and at the same time cant believe how many sweet deals there are out there. you just have to haggle and ask, make a deal and sometimes ask for the really impossibly low prices...... and you get them.

i scored 500 items of clothing for 5 bucks each, 70 more pairs of sidis and specialized shoes, 80 stems for 80 bucks, a whole van load of stuff, the caravan is packed top to bottom, gagglioli is here as usual, him and his wife hooked me up pretty good, and i even got some new gx2 carbon ergon grips from kerkove.

this should keep me and my crew busy for a few weeks until we head south to tuck son.


Nerd On A Bike said...

I think my balls were about 2 years from dropping when I saw my first Kuwahara. Never owned one, but my parents scored me a sweet Profile 'Champ Pro XL' on a trip to Cali. Raced it for 3 years from '84-'86 out at Riverview raceway which then became Mountainview. We had 300 moto's on any given Saturday and 150 on Tuesday nights. Crazy. Weren't a lot of Kuwahara's here in SLC though. Seems PK Rippers were the more popular 'boutique' BMX bike.

I would love to have a vintage BMX bike though...

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i raced the pk at riverview 88-89, thats where i got the mad skillz

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

or was is 87-88, ya i think so. just missed you, in 86 i was shredding the west vally hood

Team Rico said...
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