Wednesday, October 29, 2008

free money

looks as if a few big time cx'ers are heading to boulder for some bell ringing action. since i did the drive last week i dont feel like going again. I80 is the way. 6 hrs to boulder. not bad, but im going to RMR/wheeler this weekend with the tecno and the cash.

no lie, first lap winner gets a benjamin, but you have to grab it.
if you miss then the next guy gets it.

so not only do you have to drop bart and ali for the 1st lap you have to not be pinned enough to miss the grab.

100 bux, plus 100 in gee dubs for the rest of the day.

come score the cash and get paid


Team Rico said...

its mine

Andy H. said...

Put up a poll on who's winning the C-note