Saturday, October 18, 2008

watch and learn

dastrup does it gluten free

reed takes the 1st lap for the 10 spot

team rico

alex and samurai

bart and chris p.

heres one of me in 2006 at wheeler

out at the race today it was 75 and sunny. dusty even.
if you want to learn how to jump barriers watch bart, this 24 incher single was a monster and even ali g tried it once.

i dont usually want to race anymore, but today i was missing out. the course was flat with lots of twisty flowy trail, with a few single barrier dismounts which are easy to jump. thats if you know how.

jumping anything under 14" or so seems easy, but to the rest who cant or dont know how its easier than it looks.

its about timing and doesnt usually take a lot of strength. you just need to commit and know you can make it.

now before you try jumping your curb and smashing your rear wheel into an egg, there are a few things you need to practice.

mostly your timing, this depends on your speed, if you are going slow then its front wheel first then kick the back up with your pedals. since your clipped in, this means just yanking up on your pedals.

hard to explain, easier to show, and do.

if you have speed you can bunny hop both at the same time and its an instant 2 wheel launch and landing.

watching most today smash their rear wheel into the log made me cringe and realize how many people dont have a clue how to pick their back wheel up even for small obstacles like a 6" log.

im not trying to make everyone feel bad, or sound like im cool. even known i am., thats another topic.

but to see a lot of racers just smash their equipment, or just creep over the log and lose so much speed just bothers me for some reason.

if you guys, like kelly glen, want to learn how to hop stuff email me or bart and i will show you. its takes practice like everything else but when you get it down you will save your heart rate spiking into the red with dismounts and make it look easy like bart.

ali and jj

its hard to tell sometimes if guys are going hard, like today bart was sitting in and his head wasnt cocked side ways, when you seem him suffering just look for the head tilt, like this one.

that means hes going in the red zone.
but today he could get gaps over krispy in the turns and hopping these 2 logs, since the finish was near the jump it looked like an easy win, a flat course with long straight aways fit for any roadie.

but it looked easy, as the fast guys make it look easy. when you feel good and heart rate is low at speed you can haul ass, sit in and pick your corners to throttle it out of.

it was a close finish between the 2, third and everyone else were miles behind.

1 bart
2 krispy
3 jj clark
4 robby s
5 connor O

im not sure of the 4-5, i wasnt paying attention at the finish.
lots of flats and mechanicals also, sucks to see fast guys at the start finish way down because of chain problems and flats.

thats easy stuff to fix, fitness and luck is hard to come by.

chippo donated the $40 in 10's for the 1st lap, 2 first guys got 10 bucks each, i paid 60 in singles so come next time and get the cash.

im going to veloswap denver friday so i will miss next week, but in 2 weeks come back for the double at RMR and wheeler, i will up the prize money to $100 each day.

thats a lot of gee dubs

if you feel left out cuz you race in the morning, and im still in bed, upgrade to the noon and 130 race and you can come get your teeth kicked in and make a dollar to 2.

if anyone knows ken stryka chord tell him to email me, i need his wheelset thats for sale.


KDAY said...

sorry I missed out today. I'll be there soon enough and not only will I win, I'll take all your money too.

p.s. how do you race cross?

tiffp said...

nice photos! i definitely would've made you cringe b/c I pretty much just rode towards the (little) log, tried to lift my front wheel and then closed my eyes and prayed. I think I need a new chain ring and rear wheel. Good thing I have a dollar to put toward that cause (thanks again for being at the earlier race!)