Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kimbo TKOd by no-name in 14 seconds

Heavyweights: Seth Petruzelli (11-4) def. Kimbo Slice (3-1)

How: Ref stoppage in 14 seconds

Turning point: Petruzelli dropped Slice immediately with a jab and pummeled him with punch after punch until ref Troy Waugh stopped it.

Analysis: The ramifications here are numerous. Even if the television rating is big, the goose that laid the golden egg was exposed by a fighter who previously was known only to the most hardcore fans. In the long run, that is devastating to the company and for MMA on CBS. The future is very much up in the air.

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Nerd On A Bike said...

I want to see Lance Armstrong vs. Kimbo in a MMCA (Mixed Martial Cycling Arts) grudge match. Cycling mixed with MMA, it's all the rage now in the Basque region.
First one to tap's the loser.