Tuesday, October 28, 2008

dont vote

next week.. dont bother, the elections are fixed, just like pro sports and your vote doesnt count.

mccains crooked chronies (bushs rich wall street brethren) will steal this election like they did the last 2.

dont fool yourself, your vote doesnt count. its the blind leading the blind.
electronic voting machines?? pleeeeeez

just as easy to rig as the slots in vegas.

but still the people line up to lose, (like me)

so 7 days to armageddon

we dont live in a democracy so wake up!!!



Lone-li-Road said...

yerr not AMERRCAN if you don't git out and vote for our good ol boy Mccain! I CAN have a good life, that's why I'm a repulICAN! I've got scars to prove that I love the USA more than Obamar fella. He don't have no scars does he??

Miles - Lindon, UT said...

You are wrong in so many ways...

While I feel that many politicians are crooked and get corrupted by lobbyists, it is a privilege to be able to vote. I'm proud to be able to stand in line to cast my vote.

I am voting for McCain, but I believe Obama has it locked up.

We will know shortly.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

you are wrong for believing in lies.

when we are all dead you will see the truth.

and its not in utah

Jeff said...

McCain will win but wont last long, they need a new puppet and Palin is just that.

Downhilldiva said...

I thought you were not voting in hopes that SNL would continue to actually be funny.