Sunday, October 05, 2008

i lifted 20,000 pounds today

we found the flying pig bus over off redwood road
hope he can hold it with 1 hand.

stormin and wolf helped me move shaunas heavy ass wooden furniture out of storage, atrain carried the pillows cuz hes weak and lame.

10hrs later im blown but done. why do girls have so much crap, holy hell.

check out the free cash on wolfs blog, come in 2 weeks to cx race #3 and i will be sponsoring racers with $1 primes.

first lap winner gets 20 bones.

if i was rich i would hand out 100 benjamins per race instead of dollars.

that would be sweet, race and get a 100 bucks from a rich dude.


chippo would be rich too cuz the whole city would race for a lap and get paid.

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