Wednesday, December 27, 2006

10 ways to waste a day away

ya so today it rained and it was cloudy all day. i decided not to ride even 10 mins. you know since i did like 18 hrs in 6 days, i thought it was nice to waste the day doing pretty much nothing.
so heres a list of crap that passes time.

1 watch tv
2 go to walmart
3 go to a movie
4 go to the bear paw
5 go to bajio grill
6 go to the golf course with the claw
7 go to fedex
8 go to a bike shop and look at stuff
9 read crap on the internet
10 eat more food

you can call it what you want, wasted day, resting. chilling, whatever but im in the mode of doing something so it feels like a wasted day.

thats about it. tomorrow if its nicer they want to go to mesquite the long way. thats like 5 hrs. at least i wont be tired and the glycogen will be loaded.

the truck driver went out in the rain, over by laa vaaaarkin got his tire slashed with a razor blade.

that sucks, cold wind rain and a flat.

here is some 818 crap im talkin about, maybe once you guys hear it from sly you might see it every where. the other places i see it are license plates, odometer readings, book page numbers and at 3 or 4 jobs i have had my employee number was 818

its not a coincidence. its the mark of the beast.


UtRider said...

Did you play a round? I can totally picture you on the Scalpel with a golf bag over your shoulder "shredding the course" as you race from shot to shot. :)

Team Rico said...

Sly, 8when you outta SG? I will be down Fri-Tues 1for the New year8

StupidBike said...

My parents were married on 8/18

flahute said...

You went to Wal*Mart? How fucking sick is that? Couldn't pay me to go to Wal*mart on a normal day, much less while I'm on vacation.