Thursday, September 04, 2008

double duty and trouble at walmart

i drove up emigration 4 times today on the moto, jeff is going to tour of misery next week, i wonder if he will win that, not that he cant, but road racing is a crap shoot.

ali g wants to enter the pain cave this fall for cx. 3.5 trips between the two of them and a drive up to bart g's.

atrain and the beagle want some pain but have yet to step up to the plate.

100 miles a gallon. $3.85 at the top stop and a sunburn

im not sure who is running the cx races around here. when, where and if there will be any.

im sure some one will do it.

seems to be lots of bees out, i got stung 3 times in 2 days. they fly into my legs and sting my neck. going down 215 at 55mph i cant see them coming.

i dont seem to be allergic but they sting like hell.

in case youre wondering, jeffs time up to the top of little mtn is 20mins 30 secs. im not sure if he was going hard though. last week when dz and tbird went they did it under 20mins and averaged 385 watts for the 20 mins.
there are some numbers for todd n. and piotrek, eat your heart out.

i found that genius adam stinky at walmart, in the tire shop slaving away. i drove up in the tire bay and he was standing there, i thought he saw a ghost.

heres a brief synopsis:

sly: hey

stinky: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????

sly: wheres my money

stinky: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

sly: wheres my bike

stinky: aaaaaaaaaaa??? story story story. aaaaaaa i was going to call you.

sly: ok whatever jackass

stinky: i got a new phone number.

sly: no shit

sly: give the bike back today

stinky: ok i'll meet you at 4.

the jackass wants a refund on his deposit.
i got the bike back with a sheered off ritchey wcs carbon fork.

he paid 700, owed 300, broke it and wants a refund. i'll sit on it for a few weeks and decide how much to pay the golden child.

that kid is a moron, if you want a sample of what goes on in his brain read this
i feel bad for sohmy, he is only 1 of his 5 buddies.


KanyonKris said...

I'm kind of sad this saga is ending. I was digging the detective story. Well, glad you got the bike back.

Lone-li-Road said...

Ha ha! I didn't realize I was one of a few priviledged friends!

Eat Sleep MTB said...

That's some serious watts, and they are both pretty lite! 385 watt average for 20 minutes, puts them at "World Class" according to the handi-dandi wattage calculator I got from Rico.

Faceless Ghost said...
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flahute said...

If you sold him the bike for $700, and he still owed you $300, that means he only gave you $400 to begn with.

Why would you write him a check for $500 to take the bike back, with a broken fork no less?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

read it again:
he paid 700, owed 300,

Faceshot said...

20 minutes from what starting point?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...