Monday, September 15, 2008

norba/blue wolf is gone, about time

some new company is trying to re vamp the norba series. which is good. frosty and crew jacked it up pretty bad.

read more here, hope it works out.

there are lots of mtn bike racers, nobody wants to pay 75 bucks and get nothing, race at a ski resort on dirt roads and switch back descents.

with all the people showing up at events like sea otter, downieville and 12/24 hr races all over the country someone should get a clue.

its not the racing, its the promotion.

if you have not been to a so called norba event in the last 4 to 7 years you would have seen 5 guys in your age group, no prize money for pros and zero spectators.

i remember days in 1992 when the expert field was 250 guys all ages lining up for a 25 mile 2 lap race at mammoth mtn.

the pros would walk with 5 grand in prizes for the win and guys like myrah, ned, rishi, wiens, tinker and tomac
were heroes.

those days are long gone

i should say adam craig passed me at deer valley 2001 when he was a junior, that was depressing.


Nerd On A Bike said...

Apparently the Sho-Air guy made a big speech at that Brian Head Endurance event the other weekend about the state of American racing and how he was going to save it.

Wonder how Speigel felt standing there listen to this guy basically tell everyone that his company was a failure and he was there to pick up the pieces.

ag said...

why don't you sponsor a race... the sea otter classic presented by the bikehusla. primetime presents the usa cup...