Wednesday, September 10, 2008

drama in the den

i hate writing about this but it pisses me off so bad i do it anyway. i cant believe some people, seriously, in true utah style, what the frick are they thinking?

i forgot to tell you about my stolen titanium nuke proof in berlin 1994. that was a sad day. i hated that day so much i forgot about it until last night while i was staring at the black wall trying to lower my heart rate below 120bpm.

locked and ganked in the middle of the day in a busy park. snapped chain laying on the ground.

what the frick

i emailed genious number 29 yesterday about my scalpel.

i seriously cant believe how stupid people are, or so helpless feeling they have to do such actions to make themselves feel they are in power.

holy frick

i dont know what else to say but frick because my vocabulary will explode as want to smash this guys face in with a bat.

here are a few emails i got from him last night at 1am mtn time. thats 3am east coast. i dont know what the frick this guy was doing up at 3am but who the frick cares.

i hate displaying this drama, but as bobby would say, just ride. or its about me me me and you attracted it.

holy frick

I was forced to stop payment when the bike showed up with two shot tires.....then even worse a cut brake cable and in used condition when it was clearly described as brand new.


my response

what is your problem, if you dont want it send it back.

you didnt even email me about the problems, or you didnt even complain about them, you just rip me off??????

send it back or i will have to come get it at your house and that will not be pretty.

blackmail in the den.

2nd email

Send me two new tires, a bottom bracket and a new brake line and I will fix the check.Until then I spent a lot of money already. If you are legit I am sure you have no problem doing this. Not to mention you were suspended from ebay!

ok dont mention it..... dumbass.

1st off, new?? read the auction genius. god these people are stupid. it doesnt say new , USED IS NOT NEW.

2nd i never got an email or 1 complaint from this guy, his actions are way overboard, this retard sends me a money order and cancels it???

how the hell do you do that, it says MONEY ORDER on the money order. this is not a check. canada at its finest.

so the tires are a month old and they are dirt baldys , BALD TIRES, he says they are worn out.

frickin retard, he wants 2 new tires, big deal. email me and ask. are people really this frickin stupid????? ok so now he wants a new bb, its a cannondale SI bb30 ceramic bearing bb. the bearings dont last long. i admit when i packed it they were a bit rough. i injected some wd40 into the bb and it spun fine, the bearings were rough. i thought about including a new set, so hes right there. big deal anyway. ask and you shall receive. i can get a new set out of the mona vie team garage for a minimal charge. not the 200 bucks on egay.

a broken brake line? holy shit, a 10 dollar item. 30 with labor if youre retarded enough not to know how to do it yourself.

once again, this ass hat has my phone number and has called me, emailed me 5 times before he got the bike, wondering if i got the payment, calling, emailing me 5 times if i send the bike,

calling me again saying the wheel box showed up and im trying to rip him off, calling and emailing me while im at the beach trying to kick it.

holy frick im about to implode, i have to stop writing this.

ok who thinks this guy is a major retard.

the bank rejected the "money order" whatever. puts my account in 5300 negative. im not howard hughes. this causes a bunch of other problems, because this guy has no social skills. he wont answer the phone either. imagine that.

30 days ago he was , wheres my bike, wheres my bike wheres my bike.
now he has the bike and wont pay for it.
and wont answer the phone. god people are stupid.

new poll. make your votes.

i hate drama but this is over the top.


Lone-li-Road said...


Gary said...

You need to put a space in for hire an assassin

Moto said...


Sounds like when you sold my Spinergy spox to "Carbon Lord", later known as "Gay Lord."


Frenchy aka Bike Boy said... are having some shit luck. That so sucks.