Thursday, September 25, 2008

treefarm wins, lance gets around 15th

after team livestrong started in the 50's somewhere, the top 30 were gone and lance chased and bridged from group to group. i watched him on the dismounts and hes ok, this course is all grass and requires a ton of power, its a zero on technical, with lots of soft grass and some short climbs trebon dropped the 15 man chase pack , split it with 2 to go and took off with 1 to go, he soloed in with timmy j and adam shortly behind.

here is some pixelated video

1 trebon
2 tim j
3 adam craig
4 jon page
5 frishy

others in the top 15, i can go by memory, i dont know the correct placings but these guys were in the top 15 for 50 mins or so.

todd wells
jon baker
j powers
matt shriver

thats all i can remember
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