Saturday, September 13, 2008

paint the house wax on wax off

i'll be painting all day, went to lowes and got some valspar and a roller, .......sounds great.

heres ali g rippin it up emigration last night. watch out at the cx races next week and for the whole year. ali g is on fire

22mins up emigration, he was deep in the pain cave

crispy and bart dont have a chance

dont forget hes 12th pro at kansas city last year, and took down the beagle a few times. thats no joke. plus he didnt race mtb all year, means freshy fresh not fried from 50 plus road races crits, rmr's and a full mtb sked.

bring the bells, sly is the #1 cx fan of the year.

bloggin like no other


Team Rico said...

can I be underdog or cinderella?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

im sure you'll throw down a few top 3's this year.

i'll be making some weekly pics after the first week in draper and see who has the power

Lone-li-Road said...

I'm still going all in on Chrispy... He's scary. motivated by pain and suffering.... and .. yeah that's right. 3:43 am OUCH

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

we went over this 2 yrs ago. ya he can drop the hammer, but he cant drive a bike. wait till it gets wet, hes on the floor while bart and ali lap him

Lone-li-Road said...

it's going to be fun to follow for sure! Ali and Bartman are artists!