Thursday, September 18, 2008

husla got hustled

about 9 days ago i found out about the money order scam that i shipped my scalpel to french canada, montreal.

since then the scammer/liar, has emailed me no less than 10 times claiming if i send new tires or money for shipping he would return the scalpel, (more lies)

i was informed of this website, check it out.

my scalpel, in the box still, lame ass blurry pics soon as he got it august 26th post date on the ad. trying to hawk it on some canadian craigslist wannabe site.

i had made travel plans to go to montreal today, go to the address and bash this homos face in.

i called the montreal police and filed a report, (wont go anywhere) and they informed me the address i had shipped the bike to is a UPS store, along with 2 other address' i had obtained for the same phone number by google.

438 777 1792

he doesnt answer the phone, just has some generic lame message and wont call back. uses excuses like hes working or out of town to blow people off, but will continue to email the victims stringing them along to milk every dollar from them, (send more money for return shipping)

wont do it, and then uses the bikes, cameras, rolexs, jewelry, (claims to be a gemolist) as fake bait to lure the trusting sellers into shipping the expensive items.

if i lived in montreal i am motivated, could and would set up a sting and catch this jackass, hes quite arrogant and i hope one day he gets his ass beat real good. if you read this final link, near the bottom some guys are closing in on him and maybe by me posting this i will have educated some readers on the newest, but not oldest scam online.

the real money order scam backed by no monetary value scam.


it works like this, get a credit card company/bank. they issue you those checks that work like credit, he takes those, buys a money order from the same bank with a check, from credit, gets the money order, cancels the bank account, finds something expensive online, mails the money order.

the buyer gets the money order and all looks good, its a real money order, its just not backed by anything. its just a worthless peice of paper.

after you deposit it in your bank it takes between 3 and 4 weeks to run through the banking system.

you think you have been paid a month ago, you might spend the money or not, you think the sale is over and done.

then one day you check your bank and its 5000 in the negative. the bank will just take the money out and the jackass had no intention to pay you.

so i had travel plans to go up there today and find this scum bag, i had 3 address to check while in town, but the police informed my all 3 were UPS stores, with mail box pick ups. he just goes there to get the stolen items. so i have nowhere to look, but someone local that was scammed as i was will find him,

he is reading this, so to you jordan cote, if thats your real name. as he would and does say to his victims "go flower your damn hat"

and i hope you get hit by a bus or break your legs trying to run from all the harm you cause.

heres some email/info so you dont get scammed
jordan cote 765 beubien st. e
montreal qc canada h3b1t4

jordan allen
1235 notre dame west
dorval quebec canada
h3c 0b1

alex johnson
3484 boul des sources
dollard des ormeaux quebec
canada h9b 1z9

and check out my scalpel on sale now, hurry and dont score.
if you were a poor bastard suckered into sending him the 3 grand i dont think he would ship it and steal that guys money as well.

and here he scams more with rolexes, jewelry and cameras


Jared said...


federal offense


paper trail

Nerd On A Bike said...

I swear, Playskool camera's take the best 'artsy' pictures.
The picture with the skewer ziptied to the spokes really brings out the tragedy of the modern mountain biker. The addition of the wrist watch says that this piece is timeless.

I'm looking forward to selling my Turner later this year. Paypal only.....

b1k39unk said...

You could find him on ebay again and buy something from him. alert the ups store and have them notify the police (or whatever they are called up there) then when he comes in they can nab him. Of course that does require a little bit of cooperation by the canadian police...good luck. You could always just give the ups guy $100 to give you a call when dude rolls in. Enter BASEBALL BAT.