Monday, September 15, 2008

oh wow

suck it steinke

adam steinke wont answer the phone,

he wont talk or call me back,

his voice message says "this is jesus"

no lie, call and see for yourself.

801 708 9612.

but he will text like no other and wanted to tell me hes taking me to court for not paying him back for him stealing my bike.

this moron takes the cake for stupidity.

i told him if i see him on the street im going to bash his face in, he said the judge likes guys who make threats.

ya i dont deal with bike theives and stupid ones at that.

after the voting i decided not to pay him a dollar, so does anyone wants to come to court with me and tell the judge what a screw up this kid is

i doubt he will even do it

seems im on the wrong track for all this bike thieving drama, need to meditate and get clear.


Staticgear said...
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KLEP said...

Steinke you will get your ass handed too by Klepper himself on a silver platter. I will be happy to take your place in this action. I would love to walk away with a cold $7000. Let me at him!

The most he can do is take you to small claims court and not exceed $7,500 in value.

So he will have to file for a State 'Affidavit' for only $45-70 his cost depending on how much he wants.

You will just have to respond to the claim or you will owe him this amount.

But you can counter file his Affidavit for only $35-50 your setup cost and deny his suit, and sue him back for the amount you think he owes you $7,500 for product, time and damages.

Good Luck
It sounds exciting Maybe he should read a book or two before he attempts to loose money he does not have.