Monday, September 01, 2008

6 seconds

garmin gets snubbed in tofu by 1 second, loses again by an inch in the uspro.

jeff dejected in 5th, 6 seconds down. tbird in 10th

cheer up young lad

down in brian head alex g racked up a top 10 in the xc, word on the street is dave welsh smoked the semi pros. nice work

team holley in 4th, firth 9th
and young robbie squire dominates the juniors, nothing new about that. watch for that kid in a few years of racing pro. you have another dave z on your hands there.

when someone that young can hammer like that at 18 thats the sign of greatness.

back in 96 dave z was a spry 17 and got 2nd in the snowbird hillclimb to levi. thats the sign of talent.

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