Tuesday, September 09, 2008

stolen bikes

i have had my share of stolen bikes.

first was in 1991 my team raleigh got ganked off the front porch here in the salt lake valley, 1200 e 900 s.

then a year later in moab my klein with titanium manitou stantion tubes disappeared from city market. i brought it in the store and some jackass bagger put it outside. 5 mins later it was gone.

about 7 years ago i sold 2 rocky mtn dh bikes to a fag in indonesia. this is when paypal was young and there was lots of fraud. a lot more fraud then there is now, they stole credit cards from australia, opened paypal accounts and tried to buy as much stuff on ebay as possible. i got suckered into shipping the 2 dh bikes fedex which was around 900 bucks, plus the bikes the total was over 5000.

a month later paypal takes the money out of my account after i had shipped the bikes. i got stiffed, but i found out the bikes were sitting in the fedex hangar in indonesia. they wanted another 1500 to re ship them back to me.

at least i dont think the guy got them, but fedex probably sold them to an abandoned package company for 10 bucks.

well i stayed cleared of the scams for 7 years, with all the knowledge and info i have learned about fraud, i got scammed again today, well it was 27 days ago, but i just found out the scalpel i sold to a fag in montreal the money order is bad and i got screwed for $5300.

it takes 27 days for the so called money order to clear through all the red tape of the banking industry.

its not a fake money order its a real one, i checked it out. seems he had a bank check, paid for the money order with a fake check then mailed me the money order.

a new law on ebay now is nobody can pay with check or money orders. its paypal only.

so i tell you this story to beware of online thieves, they are always looking to scam someone, i have sold a lot of bikes overseas and avoided it for a long time. not everyone is a crook.

but im going to t town bike swap next month, and while back east i will drive up to montreal and see if this fag is still living in the address i have, i will bring a bat and get my scalpel back. i dont like getting ripped off and i will do what i can to find the 19 pound scalpel.

if anyone knows some mafia in montreal email me, i will put a bounty on this retard.

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 11:05 PM,

eBay Member: bikehusla <http://us.mc353.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=checkout@ebay.ca> wrote:
eBay sent this message to Jordan Cote (number_1_habsfan).

Here's the invoice for your item,


Dear number_1_habsfan,

Thank you for your purchase. The total for your item below is US $5,295.00.

Personal cheque; money order.
Item #
Item Title
ebay item #130243488289
08 cannondale scalpel carbon not recalled sram xo lefty
US $4,895.00
US $4,895.00
Shipping and handling via USPS Express Mail International:
US $400.00
US $5,295.00

Jordan Cote
765 Beaubien St E
Montreal QC H3B 1t4
(514) 245-9321

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Faceshot said...

Dude, I tried the baseball bat approach. It felt great doing it, but, when the blood dried, I was off to the big house...ain't worth it! Go to people finder, zero in on the prick, hire a PI and file a claim. I used this approach and It got me a judgement against the prick that stiffed me for 5K. It's lengthy, but better than a month or two in the BIG house!