Monday, September 22, 2008

one time of a few today i had to let go and "LOL"

it starts with this.

im selling these used bibs that were owned by dz, some moron asks me, "did you wash these or do they still smell like dave?"

i cant believe people think this, or even take the time to write such stupid emails,

so i said

"no i didnt wash them, i didnt smell them but they probably smell like dznuts"
then i sent him this link

busting out ROTFLOL, (roll on the floor laugh out loud)
i cant contain myself.

he responds with this gem

"dznutz? i was just joking. I don't know why I can't sell my clean cycling clothes? How about I ship my clothes to and Dave can wipe some nut sauce on them and send them back. Then I can get $100 for them."

oh the joy


Lone-li-Road said...

Nice man!

Art said...

give the people what they want, they want metal. no more Eurofag tecnho, YAAAAAA!