Tuesday, September 09, 2008

for all you commuter types

ok, for the short list of commuters i know, team rico, chad, tiffany, kday, forrest. forgive me if i didnt mention you.

i got this safety vest for you.
battery powered with signal lights, rechargable battery and remote control blinkers on the bar.

forrest would be the most stylish owner.


Forrest said...

I saw someone wearing this, for real! Also what is up with all the roady racers not saying hello when they pass me on my commute with their tt bars and sweet tt position? also I swear Saul Raisin passed me on VanWinkle earlier this summer but was too cool for a wave?? I may be an asshole, but never to another cyclist. I call that lame.

h2oflow said...

Whoa Sly, I'm surprised this thing isn't still dusty from Burning Man...