Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lance at cross vegas

atrain told me lance will show up and try to ride a cross bike around in a grassy park tomorrow night. i came down here just to watch the race, since im the #1 cx fan. cant wait to get in the beer garden run up and throw dollars with all the drunks dumping beer on the racers, while theyre pinned at 180.

i'll take some pixelated video on my phone and post it tomorrow night. then score some posters thurs and see if lance will sign them. they will be worth 200 bucks each.

i have not been on a road trip since may, ok i went to the beach in august but that doesnt count. i have not driven anywhere since may. its good to get out of town for a few days. even if it is crappy vegas.

i better stay off the tables, i just cashed in and now its time stay out.

heres a video i took from cross vegas 07

so while lance probably wont show, or if he does i doubt he finishes, he will crash or take out a bunch of guys.

he will be the media hog, everyone taking pics of the tour champ on a comeback. he misses the spot light, the attention, all in the name of cancer, curing cancer. hes rich from his foundation.
but if anyone one of you would research it, cancer foundations are a big money making scheme like enron, aig, fannie may etc.

there are cures for cancer, there are no magical pills but the cure is in prevention and thats a whole seperate story.

there are even clinics in switzerland that cure cancer.

hmmmmmmmmm, nobody ever talks about that...

its because lance and huntsman are taking your money in the name of fraud.
disease doesnt happen overnight, the human body is amazing and it takes decades of abuse and misuse to develop these killing diseases.
the most tragic is people think they are healthy, then one day the doctor tells them they are sick. in fact they have been living sick for decades and have no clue what healthy means or feels like.

drugs dont help, they mask and cause more problems

another............... WAKE UP DRONES!!!


Gary said...

Well stated bro

Nerd On A Bike said...

It's called 'Disease Industry' and it's just another reason why I feel that we just need to let Wall Street crash-completely-and move on to something simpler and take away all the laws designed to protect the companies that cause cancer and hold them accountable.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

It'd hard to sell drugs to healthy people, why would would the pharmaceuticals want that? They have the perfect business model, sell the problem and the "cure"

Lone-li-Road said...

Don't you guys get it? Money is the cure. You need to put it on your sandwichs, wipe your ass with it, wear it as underwear...

Pooks said...

looking forward to the pixelated vids!

b1k39unk said...

Write about bikes and bike related topics; stay away from the the whole science arena, because you sound like a moron that only other morons would applaud.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ok bill nye the science guy who works in a bike shop, ive been around the block a few more times than your 24 year old ass

JAP said...


JAP said...

ohhhhh So sirry you wong!!!

Wong big time

Vedy Vedy Wong :0

He's 26

b1k39unk said...
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b1k39unk said...

Calm down Fox, I know you are the all-knowing, well-travelled Ebaying wizard. Forget about Mister Montreal and Steinke.You are right about causitive factors; living healthy starts with drinking Mtn. Dew for breakfast, and ends with fad-fasts diets. I didn't mean to offend the omnipotent blog-machine, let's kiss and make-up. Keep blogging...I'll keep reading.