Saturday, September 27, 2008

#1 cx fan brings you the slyfox cash zone

im bringin the bell and the cash, next saturday in draper come find me on the trail for "A" and "A+" cash give outs.

just for jennie wade, i will be there for the girls race also, but if you cant grab the cash on a dh one handed then you got no skillz and dont deserve to get paid.

for the B and C class, you dont get the cash, cuz your either sand baggin or you need to ride more, so get out and upgrade to get paid.

the slyfox cash zone will be pumpin the fat beat on the trail, in a hard spot to grab the dollars. with the tecno blazin in the forest.

if you have skillz you can ride 1 handed for a few seconds and grab some money.

each week the slyfox cash zone will be at the local cross races giving out money on the trails.

***some weekends i may be at a bike swap, like oct 11th, oct 25th, and nov 7, 14th.***

read here for weekly placing pics and i'll tell you first hand if im going to the race, just so i dont let you down.

other than that come get the clams.


Forrest said...

Wheres the race?? Anyone heard??

I am Matt said...

I wanna hook up with ya. I wanna see #1 cross fan in his arena. Call me and see about car pooling out there.

EthanBazGoulet said...

Re: who will win in draper, Barring mechanicals the top 3 will always be the Beagle, PeterStack and my dad.. no one else can touch those guys..end of story

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

that kid is pretty smart, hes a month old and already knows how to access the internet and type.
what does he think of you dicin it up with the tour champ last week

wow, nice work daddy goulet

Team Rico said...


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