Thursday, June 12, 2008

gas bitching

i watch the news a lot, mostly glen beck, cnn, oreily all that crap. most the time they talk about how the country is in the shitter, bad house loans, bad gas, bad gov, bad war. bla bla bla.

its all programmed anyway. they wont let them play the real news.

so everyday they say, ok new record high at the pump.


if you're so upset about the gas price then dont buy it.
change your life style. change your life, better it. dont buy that crap.

i hope it goes up to $10 a gallon. maybe these people would change and stop driving F350's down 400 south black smoking the commuters and flooring it so loud i can here that hunk of shit in my apartment window clear down the street.
those red necks dont seem to get it yet.

so make them pay $10 a gallon to go 10miles per gallon.

i've said it before,

i'll say it again.

dont play the game.
dont buy the gas
dont use

dont make bushs oil company rich.

its a scam,
gov. scam to manipulate the market.

"oh its the environmentalists"

horse shit.

its bushs little oil game, dont play it.

ride a bike or get a motorcycle or ride the bus.

pretty simple to me.

i put $2.50 in gas in the scooter for 2 weeks.

i drove it up some canyons and went 100 miles to the gallon.

i ride my bike to the post office

i walk to the market

i hardly drive in town. this is a big town. if you drive thats up to you. but i have a problem with the bitching. its a choice. its not forced.
so if you are the driver. im not bossing. im directing this to the complainer. the gas buyer who thinks hes forced to buy it.

get a clue to the incompetent who cant see through a glass door.

im tired of hearing the complaints.
go fix yourself. (your unimaginative thoughts)

im done.

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