Saturday, June 28, 2008

deer valley? bc7? gate city? umm no....

well lots of action goin on this weekend, but not for me. chippo called me all crazy about the results from bc7, seem sager and bart took the win by 12 mins today.
in the 1st 90k stage race today.
well who else is up there?
wicks and sneddon
shaulk and eatough
hestler and shooomus
plaxton and shep,
tinker and mitch
ok i probably screwed up the teams, but they are up there, racing and they got flats or broke down, lost, bonked or you know the 100 things that can go wrong on a 5 hour race.

thats pretty sweet, that means they didnt get lost or crash. or maybe they did and still won. im sure a story will develop over at

maybe they might post the results at bc7 main page one day??? who knows, but watch and see.

oh and alex g got 11th in the dust up at dv. ouch.

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