Thursday, June 26, 2008

master bates poker tournament

jeff bates, like tmac, eldens wife and many others have battled cancers, different types, that attack diff body parts.
recently master bates went to denver to get radiation and chemo for some sort of melanoma. his 170 pound biker frame was trimmed to 132 pounds.
the best way to trim down for an upcoming event.
read the flyer, if you dont go, help out if it pleases you.
on another topic, the long awaited bc7 stage race starts saturday.
with team mona vie carrying 3 duo teams watch the results for some impressive performances by beagle, sager, mitch, tinker and chippo.
7 day mtn stage race is crazy. i can barely finish one 5 hr day a week. not 7 in a row. i will be glad to spectate the www from my arm chair and live through the stories and pics of the mona vie team.
tinker and mitch
sager and bart
chippo and sue
i wont make any prediction as my crystal ball has become fogged with mtn dew and pizza.
maybe sager will bring the laptop and keep us informed from his tent in the woods.
watch out for bigfoot. or floating human feet in tennis shoes???
that would suck to come to a river crossing and see more feet bobbing around.... or other body parts.
i did nite ride #3 last night, does 36 mins count?? prob not but im blogging it. 30min is weak, i'll go up to upper milcreek/big c for a camping trip this weekend and upload some pics of the snow levels from my camp site deep in the wasatch back.

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