Thursday, June 26, 2008

stolen underground goes underground

Hey guys,
I have decided to stop as I no longer feel it is necessary to continue. I am going to focus on opening an actual Stolen Underground extreme shop with urban apparel, BMX, skateboard,snowboard, and some road / mtb bikes.
Over the years Stolen Underground has helped to raise questions and expose a lot of facts to the general public.
I have been an inspiration to David Walsh as he stated to me and toother anti-dopers in some small way. I know for a fact that I have changed a few dopers into anti-dopers and inspired others never to dope.
Our new store will have a lot of the same emotions but will steer away from any controversial material that could get us sued for slander etc. (EVEN IF WE AE CORRECT).

***The world is obviously controlled by an elite few who basically attempt to brainwash us***

and manipulate us and the entire LanceArmstrong story is a microcosm of the way the world works.
Control the money, control the media, and control the people etc. I wish the best of luck to Greg Lemond in the future as I feel his lawsuit against Trek can finally close the book on the Lance doping issue however I fear that the American public are honestly too ignorant to ever see the truth. ahh yes.

They would rather just watch the tube and never have to think.
There are a few more battles to be won (my upcoming court case against Kayle Leogrande), but I am very pleased that I have reached enough young cyclists around the world that I can retire from the online anti-doping war.

I will invite everyone to join us at the Grand Opening of our store even if some of you live halfway around the world and can not make it.
It will be in the next few weeks, and probably will be a small event but fun.

I do not know if I will ever return to pro racing, but I do not regretstarting stolen underground . com and making my stand.
It has allowed me to find happiness in my life by being able to tell all of my stories and things that I have witnessed over the years. If I didn't, there is no doubt I would have ended up continuing to do drugs and probably would have ended up 6 feet under.

If I never return to pro racing, I am happy with my career. I could walk away from the sport today with everything I have needed to learn about life.

My last post is the ZEITGEIST documentary. It is 2 hours long, but I beg you to watch it.
I will allow you to figure it out for yourselves if you believe it or not. Don't ask me if I believe it. : )
The website will shutdown at the end of the month. So please try and check out the movie I have posted there before the end of the month.

My last race this year will be the Masters National Championships, and I hope to win the stars and stripes. Be sure to check the results because it could be either the official stamp that I am returning to racing, or the official stamp that I need to retire for good and/oronly do the old fat guy beer races.

Matt DeCanio

and i suggest you watch zeitgeist as well. here in utah, its liable to get me shot. but oh well.

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