Monday, June 02, 2008

predictions of the summer

sometimes i try to predict which elevator will turn up first in a building. in the lobby where at the bottom 6 or 8 are usually located.

or i watch the red light turn green, and try to time that.

or pick local race day winner.

but it seems i have been thinking about the future of the country and the life styles we lead.

i think it might be coming to a close this summer.

in the next 3 months i predict bush will enlist himself as a 3rd term president. using some natural disaster or another fake terror attack as justification.
this will make him a dictator and he will impose martial law. finalizing some of the phases of the new world order

sending all kinds of people to concentration camps and putting all cities in a police state.
it kind of already is like this but it will get much worse.

then i thought, no way in hell im going to be caged up so i planned an agenda and im stocking up on stuff. bike ready stuff to live in the back woods. it involves camping, bikes, solar, bob trailers and heading south. since you cant count on gas, electricity or store supplies. im going self sufficient.

when the hogs run wild sly will head for the hills.

i hope im wrong but im not going to be round up and penned like a farm animal.


I am Matt said...

There is nothing wrong with being prepared. Thats all.

Nerd On A Bike said...

The Bush's are the new Benedict Arnold. However, instead of bending over for another country they bend over for themselves and the Central Bank.
I was opposed to gun control for a long time, even after serving in the Infantry during the early Clinton years, until I realized that everyone owning guns is probably the last deterrant we have to Marshall Law.
Gun nuts are just that...nuts. And they will never hand over their guns and take it in the arse if the Feds come-a-knocking.

Again...check out the free film Fast forward thru the first 15 minutes and watch parts 1-3. Craziness.

Nerd On A Bike said...

Whoops...meant to say that I was "FOR gun control for a long time...."
Sorry...I'm sleepy.

New business idea for you: Predicting people winning races. People send you $5-$10 and you predict on your Blog that they will win. If more than one person sends in $$$ for the same race, the one with the most $$$ sent your way ends up in first place.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

im going to buy some bear mase and a pellet gun.

aaa, ya i dont think anyone will send me money..