Monday, June 23, 2008

ripped it at nite

i was thinking about racing in moab24 in oct. then i thought, no that would suck.

then i thought, its in 3.5 months. so during the next 3 months i thought i would try to get in 45 to 60 night rides.

we'll see, it sounds like a lot.

the pros of nite riding:
no one is supposed to be around,
so for me this means,
no passing, up or down.
usually nobody passing me.
no stopping to talk to friends
its cooler
i dont like riding in the morning
its fun to ride with lights
its good practice to ride by braille
it sounds cool
if you die nobody will find you till tomorrow
if your lights burn out you can walk home in the cool midnight air
if you break down you can walk home
if you haul ass, 30mph on a dh feels like 50mph

you can see weirdos and noctural animals
you can do other stuff all day, then when people are sleeping im pinning it.
just like when the other 90% of americans are at work or riding at 10am im catching some z's.
its good practice for 24 hr races, you can be the designated night lapper and rip it up all night while your team sleeps
thats all i can think of.

hour and half at night puts you in a time warp, felt like 4 hrs in real time. up at the saddle of dry creek some guys were walking down. it was past 10pm at this point.

who the hell rides up there that late with no lights.

they were lost and asked me where bobsled was.

but they were walking down dry creek,

well they were not even to the dh yet. they were almost there, so i sent them down dry kiln to the upper hood and told them to ride down the road to popperton park where their car was parked.


up there at night its a different place.
spiders, tarantualas, wolf spiders, whatever. those birds sit on the trail then fly in your face 1 foot before you smash them.

3 deer,

and the wolfs.
sometimes a porc.
i wanted to get away from people, but it didnt happen.

i saw the 2 guys lost, then up the next climb i look around and about 2mins back is some other jackass with lights chasing me.

what the hell

i better move to alaska. im becoming a hermit with each day passing.

give me the pound
lock it down

break the pickle

tickle tickle.

team rico can ride with me on his slow days, so he wont drop me.


Team Rico said...

i'm charged and ready. Put the kids to bed then shred

blakeharlan said...

Fox, you suffer from serious APS, you need help.