Tuesday, June 03, 2008

dont drink, sleep and drive. then race.

mexican road race these roadies got smashed.


you wont see that happenin on a trail.

ok, maybe a red neck and a 4 wheeler.


This clearly shows that cycling is dangerous and should be banned. Those bikes will have caused terrible damage to the car as well

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Nerd On A Bike said...

That image is close to how practice went down at the Bountiful Bomber this past weekend.
The OHV crowd wasn't too happy to share the private land the promotor got a permit to use (and which they tear up illegally) and to prove a point they ran their motorcycles down what little pristine single track there is up there while bikes were on course, through the tape and then roosted through the berms leaving a mess....on top of all the beer cans, wrappers, gun shells, underwear, tampons.....that they leave normally.
Then the poor bastard who started first met a Suzuki Samarai driven by last years Pot Gut Shooting Champions Billy Bob and Cleatus head on. "What chy'all talkin' 'bout? We didn't see no tape!"

Didn't a bunch of road riders get taken out in N. Salt Lake a few years back by some prior 10 time DUI guy and the husband of one of the riders die or become paralyzed?

Seems natural selection isn't taking care of the right part of the population.