Saturday, June 21, 2008

old news bonen on coke

whenever this happened a few weeks ago i dont really care. but the more i read about it the more my temper flairs.

the more blogs that write about velosnooze or cyclingnews headlines, like you guys dont think nobody else reads the cycling pages either?

anyway this is a waste of time bringing it up but cant anyone else besides me see through this horse shit?

you think those pros making millions are that stupid?

you think the cover story is really the main story?

see through the crap and see that its made to make him look better.

first thing i thought of 1 millisecond after it was made public was its a cover up.

those euro trash pros are doped to the gills on who knows what and he was going to get busted, so his doc gave him, and ullrich and whoever else so called "rec" drugs to cover it up.

im no doctor, obviously, and no chemist.

but my 6th sense comes through quite often and its not about a stupid mistake like a rec drug to ruin his career.

the rec drugs penalties are lesser than doping so faced with either or, im sure many in those shoes would do the same.

i wouldnt, but many would.

prophet sly


Nerd On A Bike said...

Reminds me of the DH'ers who were busted for using pot a couple of years back. The UCI claimed marijuana was a performance enhancer, even though they weren't using it during a race.
Well, unless you work at the Wild Rose and push around rigid 29'er single speeds all day and are in a great deal of pain because you have no gears, pot is not a performance enhancer.
And I don't think coke is either, unless it gives him the energy to stay up late and watch old race footage to better his game.
I wish I was a rock star bike racer too.
PS, I went from 0-35 on my scooter in 11 seconds Friday. It's pretty sick.

Forrest said...

Boonen is a rock star in Europe and probably parties like one too. I think he was doing lines off of hot chicks tits the night before he got busted, coke leaves the system in less than 24hrs and most likely thought he was in the clear. I also think there is a huge difference between performance enhancing drugs and rec drugs. I am not making a moral judgement, just stating the obvious. Also Why is pot only consider a performance enhancing drug in DH and not XC. I personally thought it was lame when they took away that DHer victory at Mammoth a couple of years ago, lets be honest, pot didnt make him faster.