Friday, June 13, 2008

fear mongering

it continually blows me away how the news is pre programmed to keep the public entertained with trivial nonsense and lies.
im sure some of you will say, well i dont watch the news, ok thats fine.

but if you do, dont you ever ask yourself, "is this all they have to talk about"
i do,

i wonder all the time. cant anyone see past the smoke screen? i dont know whats going on, im in the same room as you, but i can tell there is whole other world going on and its not being told to any of us.

there is so much going on in the world and it never airs on the "news" they play fear mongering tactics like diseased tomatos and spinach. but then sell the mass consuming americans quantities of toxic lotions, perfumes, make up, deodorants and OH MY!!! bug spray and sunscreen.

god dont get skin cancer or west nile!!!!

my rule is if you cant eat it then dont put it on your skin.

and if its advertised on tv or mass media its pretty much a scam/money maker anyway.

do you really think if there was a sweet money making gig they would tell you about it?
oh of course, buy this one, for $50.
thats the money making gig.

buy all this useless crap, consume mass quanities. drive your h3, buy lots of gas, drive across town, buy more crap, put it in your big house, drive to work, punch the clock, drive home, then drive your F350 with the boat and jet skis to the lake and burn gas and pollute the water and air.


but the people run and do what they are told because its fear, and once you scare someone they will do anything you want.

wish people would wake up.

like me, im up at 130am.

get up and turn the tv on and watch more lies.
no dont watch the news. its crap, as many of you know already. its censored and biased. its full of false hoods and misdirection.

get the publics attention off the real topics and give them scape goats for the "almost busted"
gov. scams.

i always wondered what the real story is behind these food contamination stories were really trying to hide.
like whats the motivation for scaring people from eating veggies?

it could be a lot of things, maybe they want you to eat at burger king.
maybe they dont want canada to be the lead exporter of tomatos?

i recently heard, well tomatos are acid, salmonella cant live in an acid state, and cant live without cholestorol, so this is another media scam to scare everyone. i dont know why, but like bobby says.

dont believe the hype

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tri-sportsgirl said...

I think you answered your own question. People who are scared and sick will believe anything and do anything because they are in a weakened state. It's all programming for whatever THEY have planned. For anyone halfway awake, OMG.