Thursday, June 05, 2008


i spent some money, consuming this week. i bought this cuz it has ti handles. cool.

then i put the front room on craigslist, sold the couch, tv, table and lazy boy. dont worry i have another tv.

im settin up a mock up camp site with tents and solar in the front room. its a disaster. if you have seen it before its not to organized to begin with.

check out my solar radio and head lamp. the radio has a crank for the nite.

im ordering a 1500 watt solar kit, i'll put it on the porch. its not for packing as it weighs 70 pounds, the batt is heavy. so i'll learn how to make it lighter and use if for when the power goes out.

and this lap top bag is kick ass

i hate being connected to the grid so soon i will be powered by sun and batteries.

i went to rei monday and scored a bunch of new cool camping equipment. im going to test it out next week up by desolation with a hike and a 2 nite camping walk. im bringin the lap top with a solar charger/ phone charger and the verizon card to test it out.

and this big knife.

no really i bought this one from the happy ninja in cedar.
grandma fox called, shes 82.
i told her to head for the hills, bush is taking over. she told me not to join any "radical gangs" as im going extremist.

well i have to warn everyone i can.

i wont end up like this guy...


I am Matt said...

wheres your seeds?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

home depot, i dont have time for seeds. i go straight to the source.

im not sitting around waiting for plants to sprout.

I am Matt said...

"if" it ever does happen, the freeze dried only lasts so long. Then what?

Take a look at
If your previous links about altering genetic stuff in food is buggin ya then look for the og symbol.
Id be interested in looking at that
solar kit if you ever et it.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

get a few years of that freeze dried food. then shoot some deer. im sure one can figure out how to grow stuff, but thats long term. im thinking of going to another country. let them grow it. i'll buy it or work for it. im not a farmer, im a husla.

tynelson said...

how are batteries any better than being on the grid??