Wednesday, June 04, 2008

deer valley?

i have not been up to park city since last fall. not even in the winter. i never go up there.

anyway i saw some pics of lower deer valley and its melting pretty fast. brandon said its going fast up top too.

anyway i want to post some race pics for saturdays pro event. last year we had 30 starters, the biggest ever at an ICUP.

that was pretty sweet. the bad part is ed pays top 3. so if you get 20 guys paying $50 bucks each. 4th place is no prize. that bites ass.

i need a start list to make the prediction more accurate so if you know anyone who is lining up for sure, or you yourself are reading, email, text or call me with your RSVP.
so i can put you in the top 5.

bz claims hes top 3 so i have to work him in some how.

anyone else besides the mainstay?



Indohran said...

I will be there hopped up on Anti-biotics. Bart G style.
Soar throat for 10 days. No Strep. Now an ear infection that is making my head feel like it wants to pop!
Put me down for a Top 3. Winning the big bucks!!!!!

Oh Ya and your Bush Dictatorship prediction is as likely to happen as me being in the top 3!

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya you will get waxed, but bush will take over. wait till oct.

Team Rico said...

I second Chippo, put me down for some martial law and a top 20. 20 lb hardtail is ready for a beatin

Team Rico said...

I think Chippo is in the latest Triathlete Magazine. Page 134. Check it

I am Matt said...

i dig the early picture.