Saturday, May 31, 2008

retired life

i rode the scooter about 40 miles today.

its a sweet life.
sat in the park for a few hours then went for a short mtn bike ride.

tour de satan tonight so come down and check it out. 8pm grand america 650 main. eventually end up at the hotel with some racing in between.

check out my pics for the pros at sundance. i was only let down by rock crawler holley.

1 mitch
2 alex
3 bart
4 dave w.
5 robbie, the devo/binghams. i thought he was from revolution but hes from binghams., anyway i dont know the kid but hes pretty fast, the dark horse comes in top 5.

thats pretty good stats. i need a start list for deer valley. im goin big on this one.
i didnt have to pay out the $20 for alexs gas or barts diapers....
i should put it all on red.

results at


Mitchell Peterson said...

Rob is on the Junior Worlds team. He lives a block from me and I am his coach. Given that he is a Devo kid, you should have just asked me.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

I just saw the link for my blog (700gram UST), LOL!

I gotta change out those tires fast!