Wednesday, July 09, 2008

nite ride=day ride

i hitch hiked another ride off bz up to solitude, arrived at 530pm. way to early for a nite ride. even with the 1000 lumens of power, i sat around for 90mins bored, waiting for the sun to set, although, team rico was having trouble with the prototype sworks, i was having some issues with the lefty., team rico senior aka kevin, was in the hizzy i informed him of the 3rd term dictator that will take hold in the next few months.

i had an on the fly change of plans heading up the road i flipped it and went down to mill d, up dog lake and down.
shorter and steeper this trail isnt my fave. it involves 40min climb to dog lake with the 2x9, my fat ass and 20% grade makes me hoof it over a short rooty section, along with 5 other guys who cant seem to find the watts with a triple.

as i climb, the trail is loaded with bikes, hikers and dogs.
dog lake has 10 dogs, imagine that.

its still light at the top, its still light when i get to milcreek. its not dark yet when i get to wasatch. oh well , no dark today.

maybe tomorrow.
and i'll get dropped off later, around 9pm instead.
way to many people for me to handle on this bike day, mid summer on the most popular of trails in milcreek.

does it count to ride an off limit trail at night if nobody is around to see it?
i say why not.
high level cannondale convention in pc.
basso should be winning the tour this week, instead i think hes riding with chippo.

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