Wednesday, July 23, 2008

looking for broke back

somewhere in ida hoe

west bound in helena.


the last 24 hrs are not to be repeated ever again
miles 1100

gas $160
hours 24
hrs sleep 2
hrs looking at ceiling 8
drove to helena montana solo, made a drop off and flipped it back to the big city.
some old handi man, (handicapped plates) tried running me off the I-15. no need to explain the details but it involved me passing the right lane, him flooring it to cut me off in the fast lane and him going to pass me in the dirt on the left.
with 3 cars going forward in 2 lanes.

in case youre wondering why i do this, from time to time i get called upon to make an urgent delivery that fedex cant do. they pay upwards of $600 for over night.
i dont think its worth it.
since thats nowhere near my cut.
i'll be working at wild oats soon, the sea bass there is damn fine.
this is still the best movie ever made.
better than hancock, batman and hulk

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