Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what did you expect?

It happened again.

I expect money to show up in fun & easy ways, and just as I logged on to write this issue I see a note from Paypal showing $150 unexpected income from Martha Beck for a referral.

(I didn't even know Martha paid for referrals!)

But it's not really a surprise since we get what we expect. So as I expect money to show up in easy abundance, it does. (Thank you, Martha; thank you, Money.)
This weekend I expected my boyfriend to be somewhat upset to find three new foster kittens in the guest bathroom when he came home from a business trip. And guess what? He was.

Our expectations (i.e. thoughts & beliefs) are powerful things!

The question becomes, what are you expecting?

One of my private coaching clients expects her sister to be supportive while her brother is indifferent. And guess what? They are. Over and over again.

My sweetie expects his golf game to suffer after a week off the course. Guess what? It does.

When I point out to my client and my boyfriend that their expectations become reality, they get a little frustrated with me.

"No, Jeannette, that's really how it is. That's how they are." They say this isn't something they are creating, this is just the reality of it.

I know better than to argue. Rather, I check in on my own expectations. Do I expect them to get it? Or do I expect them to be stuck in that perspective?

I realized I expect my client to get it and my boyfriend to be stuck. And guess what? My client gets it, while my boyfriend struggles with his game.

Last week I spoke with a woman who is offering her writing and editing services. I hired her instantly. Not because I read samples of her work, but because she said something that made me know she would deliver: "I am a really good writer."

She can't be anything BUT a really good writer with that powerful an expectation. So I don't even need to read her material - I already know she's a great writer because she said so. And that's how our world unfolds - according to our expectations.

(Her name is Candy and her email address is http://us.mc507.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=candace@cbwriter.com if you're looking for a talented writer, editor or copywriter, but she's booking up fast.)

Now, if I hired Candy with the thought that maybe she's not as good as she thinks she is, I might be able to elicit subpar work or interpret her material as not as good as she said it was. Because my expectations are powerful, too.

So I'll ask again: What do you expect? Did you expect to get good material from this newsletter? Did you expect to to find resources to support your goal? Did you expect to have a so-so day today? Or a fabulous day?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Watch where you point that thing (your focused attention). Because we get what we expect!
once again, i didnt write this. its copied from www.goodvibecoaching.com
im not a member but they email me these every few weeks.
seems like a good time.


TBS said...

Hey Sly, I didn't expect your boyfriend to show up with 3 kittens either.... he was supposed to only bring two.. one for you and one for him...
Damn Boyfriends...

Art said...

I'm good enough,
I'm smart enough,
and gosh darn it people like me