Friday, July 25, 2008


why was afghanistan invaded?

to build an oil pipeline from the kaspian sea to the ocean so the usa could steal oil, taliban would not allow it, so they moved in and killed them. pakistan allowed it because they are in on the deal, want a cut and have nukes.

why was iraq invaded?

to steal oil and build a mid east military compound airbase to serve as launching pad to invade iran.

look at a world map people its pretty self evident.

iraq on one side of iran

afghan on the other side.

syria to the west, perfect launching pad for another "war" /illegal invasion.

does anyone play chess?

why is a war still going on?

if you have the greatest military power in the world why does it take 7 years to defeat a bunch of guys living in caves in 3rd world countries?

its not a war, its an invasion to rebuild the mideast military bases

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