Thursday, July 31, 2008

tofu tt champ

who will it be......

tbird and jeff have been training hard for the upcoming tour of utah. today jeff was doing over 430 watts up emigration going 20-25mph.

i told him i pay $100 for a tt win.

every bit helps.

at least i know what its like to drop him.

none of you can do it, so i feel kinda special.

any other local who wins a stage, turbo, dh, alex, burk, todd, gardie, jesse, etc i pay $100 for a stage win so go off the front and see if you get lucky.

not saying you need luck, but you know what i mean.

i wonder if i hand out 20 bills in the crit if anyone would take them

utah red necks with big ass trucks, on I-15.
sweet,.. dog.


UtRider said...

I'll throw a $20 into the pot.

Anonymous said...

I'll bandit ride the crit and take everything you have.

The Racin Caveman said...

I'll put in another $20.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

yaaaaaaaaa!!!!! bring it!

Gary said...

I'l take em.. do I have to be riding in the crit or at the crit?

JMount said...

Find me a ride and I will help Gardie for as long as I can hang on.